Frequently Asked Questions



Didymus makes grants of up to £5000.

There is no minimum grant, but the application process will ask if there is adequate alternate funding in place.


All applications must be made by our website.


At present, we only make grants to registered charities.

All applications from previous recipients of grants or from previously unsuccessful applicants will be considered by the Trustees on their own merits, though unsuccessful applicants are urged to check the funding criteria.

Applications from previous grant recipients who have not submitted an audit form will not be considered.

Didymus will not consider applications:

  • That do not promote one of the charity’s five aims
  • That fall outside the charity’s geographical coverage
  • From individuals or non-registered charities/organisations
  • From charities with an annual income in excess of £2 million
  • From charities dedicated to issues deemed by the Trustees to be already well funded within the UK
  • From charities that carry out work that is the statutory responsibility of the UK government.


If you have any questions that are not covered by this FAQ, the application guidelines or the full grant making policy, please contact the Trust.